A Ruby Hacker’s Wedding

This was a fun project where I created a ruby gem and an accompanying website for inviting my geek friends to my wedding. A friend posted it on hackernews and it went viral. So much that I had to take the form for RSVPing off from the internet.

Could be best described from my comment on its hackernews thread:

Author of the website here. The last thing a person who is getting married could wish would be getting his wedding invite HNed. I think I am soon going to cross the free plan’s limit of typeform.com (which I am using for RSVPing there)

Little history: `sudo gem install wedding` actually works. The gem was first uploaded on rubygems. Which I thought would be the only thing that I would share with my colleagues and hacker friends. Later I realized that it would be too complex a thing to expect from people, so built a mock frontend around it using jcubic’s jQuery terminal plugin.

I am happy that people are finding it funny / interesting. The website found its target audience. Just that I wouldn’t be able to host this number of people 😉