How our trip turned into something that we’d remember forever

Rannbhoomi – An Un-Resort

How we spent our time at a stay near the Great Rann of Kutch

It was 2pm, I had already received 5 calls from Punja, our host in a village near the Great Rann of Kutch and the very next moment I received one more call, this time from his father. “Where are you? How long will you take to reach here?”. Prerita answered the call and asked why they were calling again and again. We were about an hour away from reaching there but both of us were now becoming more and more anxious of this place where we were going to stay. A new property on the internet with absolutely no reviews. We had taken a risk. Would it be safe? It was lovingly called World Meeting 2015.

Beautiful single lane road that connects Nakhatrana to SH45. Somewhere near Narona village. It is difficult to believe that this place is just 20km from an endless salt desert.

Flashback to a month ago?—?unlike other times, this time I realised it slightly late that 26th January, the Indian Republic Day holiday could be clubbed with the previous weekend and we could use this extended weekend to travel. We decided that this 26th January would be celebrated in the the Kutch region of Gujarat, spending nights with our beloved moon, adorning the vast expense of the Great Rann. The Rann holds a special, mystical allure for visitors during full moon nights. Thanks to our lucky stars, this extended weekend would include a full moon night. I quickly opened my laptop lid and a few taps later I was done with booking our flight and train tickets. We would be taking a flight from Delhi to Ahmedabad and then a train from Ahmedabad to Bhuj, the nearest railway station to the Great Rann of Kutch. After putting in some more effort, I found a company which lets out motor-bikes for rent in the region and booked a Royal Enfield 350CC for all four days of the journey.

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