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So here we do have a really nice update from, that is wordpress themes directory. ( For self hosted blogs ) It was a long awaited release as right now is not functional. (Not accepting new themes for a very long time now). So the only way to release your theme was to publish it on your own site, or other web directories which never gave it a central spot.

Whenever I went to, I was always wondering why there is no theme tab under the extend wordpress titled page. Now, this requirement has been fulfilled by the good wordpress guys who provide the best wordpress hosting service. The user doesn’t have to go under the subversion details too, one has to just register for a new account on (great if you already have that) and upload it with a few requirements.

The requirements are:

  1. A single zip file, with all of the files themes file included.
  2. There must be a style.css file containing:
    1. Name (which must be unique to the directory)
    2. Tags
    3. Version (in the format of x.x or x.x.x and must be unique to the theme)
    4. Align classes: .alignright, .alignleft, .aligncenter (see for more details)
  3. The screenshot file name must be screenshot.png, and be a real screenshot of the theme, not a splash screen.
  4. Licensing must be GPL compatible.
  5. No hidden, paid or sponsored links in the theme. Links back to the author’s site are fine.
  6. The theme must be your own original work.
  7. Adult/mature themes are not allowed.

That looks fine. So now we have a central repository of well reviewed themes on this directory. Cheers to that!

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