July 17th, 2008
by jai

WordPress Theme Layers 1.1.0

Layers theme screenshots

Layers theme screenshots

I am releasing the wordpress theme which is being used on this site. This work is licensed under GNU General Public License v3.


Download Layers:

download icon for Layers 1.0.2

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Layers is a theme with a very sensible use of tints and shades of orange and black colour. This theme validates XHTML 1.0 Transitional. This is a widget enabled theme. i.e. You can use wordpress widgets with Layers theme to extend its functionality. Layers also supports microformats, so it is looking towards the future.

The Layers theme by default is a liquid design but can be made fixed easily using the theme admin panel. It’s a very lightweight wordpress theme. The theme has been tested on most of the browsers, but if you find any problem then please let me know by a comment so that I can improve it in the subsequent versions.

How to use

If you know how to install a wordpress theme then it’s not an exception. Download this theme to your system by clicking on the download button above. Extract it and upload the extracted folder to your wordpress theme folder (wp-content/theme/) on your web server.

To activate Layers theme, select Layers in Design->Theme page of the wordpress admin panel.

For more information you can consult readme.txt iniside the downloaded archive.

Keep checking this page for updates related to Layers theme.


Version 1.0.1

  1. Fixed the side line-height ( Now the line-height property is set to 170% )
  2. Some typography and font size related issues were solved
  3. Fixed some theme title issues
  4. Fixed an issue with 404 page

Version 1.0.2

  1. Fixed smiley padding
  2. Fixed Gravatars margin and padding

Version 1.0.3

  1. Fixed an issue with comment form – problem visible in opera 9.5
    Thanks to Shishir Sharma for informing this bug
  2. Safari and Firefox Linux — Problem with navigation button at hover state

Version 1.0.4

  1. the details class clears both the floating elements above it.

Version 1.0.5

  1. Last version update should have only be done for left float, as it caused right sidebar disturbance too. Fixed this issue.
  2. In case of a large picture, overflow property of main content area set to hidden
  3. Some structural changes were done according to Search Engine Linkings. Will be doing more in later updates.

Version 1.0.6

  1. Theme supports microformats now. So some new tags will be added :)

Version 1.0.7

  1. Category pages missing closing tag problem fixed
  2. Special styling for wordpress sidebar calendar widget
  3. Author Comment Highlighting feature added

Version 1.0.8

  1. Main content area width problem fixed

Version 1.1.0

  1. Introduction of an admin panel with update notifier
  2. Alternate skin selection feature from control panel (options for now the default dark or the bright one)
  3. Optimizations for a photoblog

Comments (50)

50 Responses to “Themes”

  1. Asitha de Silva Says:

    Hi there… I was wondering how you changed the bottom where it shows Categories, Meta and Tags instead of Recent Posts, Monthly and Meta?

    I am trying to replace monthly with recent comments but not sure how to – Any help would be great, Thanks :)

  2. jai Says:


    It’s just the magic of wordpress widgets. As ‘Layers’ is a widget enabled theme, you can easily apply them. For the same purpose, login to you wordpress admin area. Under the ‘design’ panel, click on widgets. There just below the ‘current widgets’ category you can find options for sidebar and footer.

  3. Rajat Arora Says:

    Hello Jai!
    Kudos for creating an awesome theme! I am using it on my blog!
    By the way, I tried creating a WP-Theme myself, but the problem is, it doesn’t show up correctly in IE. Any suggestions?

  4. Rajat Arora Says:

    The theme that I am talking about has been applied on Talking Talking.
    The Layers theme has been used in APS 2.0.

  5. jai Says:

    Thanks Rajat,
    As CSS support upto IE6 is very poor, things may not work the way you thought. So you have to use some IE hacks or you generally end-up using completely a different CSS for IE. For applying a different CSS, you can use conditional tags for IE.

  6. Rajat Arora Says:

    Thanks Jai,
    I will definitely try what you said. Will get back to you if I still get some problems.

  7. George Says:

    THanks jai, definitevely one of the best WP themes i’ve seen ever. Regards

  8. Udai Says:

    Great Job!…keep it up.

  9. sayjeez Says:

    hi jai~!
    this theme looks nice in IE6&7 but not in firefox have you tried this in firefox?

  10. sayjeez Says:

    tried it in opera and firefox but the posts column just shows only half of the width it’s supposed to be when viewed with IE 6 &7, any advice? even your blog shows up the same as it did mine in opera and firefox….

  11. jai Says:

    Thanks Sayjeez,
    The problem has been fixed. I am using Firefox 3.1, It shows everything correctly. You can now download the updated version.

  12. disha Says:

    keep up the good work

  13. krishi online » Changes to the blog Says:

    [...] in search of a black design which was pleasing, which finally led me to the present design called Layers theme Designed by Jai Pandya. After resizing and changing the few design elements I made it to suit my [...]

  14. Korey Says:

    I plan on using your theme for my blog as I appreciate the relaxing feel of the colors and the layout. Good work.

    When I went to import some content I found that the category header bar was overcrowded (I have about 12 categories). This resulted in some of the category titles to be cut off, leaving only the top half visible. Is there anything I can do to increase the size of that little orange bar to accommodate all those titles? Any help would be appreciated. I truly want to be able to use your theme if it’s at all possible.

  15. jai Says:


    Are you referring to the navigation bar while you say category header bar?Well, The navigation bar does only show static parent pages of your site. If your page titles are long, then you’ll have to tweak the css for the font size or do some experiments with the graphic header.

    To show the categories of your blog, use the category widget on your sidebar.

  16. udit sharma Says:

    good work jai…. have u tried …. nice for wordpress theme designing….. well keep it up buddy!!!

  17. Korey Says:

    Thanks Jai.

    You were correct about it being the navigation bar that was in need of tweaking. I’m in the process of messing about with the font size now. Awesome!

  18. JB Says:

    I love the theme very much. But when I add an Iframe as a post it’s pushed automatically all the way down in Internet Explorer. In Firefox it worls properly. I also added text above the iFrame, but still the iFrame is being pushed all the way down (appr. 30 lines)

    How can I solve this?

  19. David Says:

    I can’t seem to upload the latest version with the photoblog fix for some reason.

  20. David Says:

    Nevermind. The new version does a great job of eliminating those lines around the photos. Excellent job. Thanks.

  21. Bob Lolo Says:

    Hey i like the theme. But is it possible to change the orange?

  22. jai Says:


    If you are trying particularly for the orange colour, that is only possible by editing the style sheet style.css contained in the theme folder. Otherwise if you want to change the skin completely you can use the Layers Options panel to change the style sheet.

    Anyways, thanks for a good idea. In the next versions of Layers, i’ll be incorporating this feature through admin panel.

  23. Bob Lolo Says:

    Thanks. But wot would be the code i’m looking for in it. Because i looked through and can’t find it. Thanks again

  24. Tony Swash Says:

    I tried your theme, which I really like, on my test web site and I ran into a problem. I use the WPG2 plugin to integrate a Gallery 2 photo collection into my web site. When I do this it all works except for the links to next image. If you open a photo in an integrated gallery the link to next image does not work in your theme. Any ideas or suggestions for getting it to work?

  25. AndriaD Says:

    Hello, and first off, thanks for a lovely theme, though I have customized the colors to suit my own aesthetics. However I’ve noticed there is a problem — no links in the sidebar will work at all, whether blogroll, categories, or any other kind of links, just in the sidebar. I changed to other themes to check this out, and it’s only in this theme that I’m having the problem — hope you can help, I can’t find another dark-bg theme I like nearly as well!

  26. Michael Says:

    I love your theme and its simplicity. I did notice one problem that I am not sure how to address. I am new to blogging and am not competent with html and such. When I have a post that is shorter than the sidebar, my submit button on the comments disappears. Maybe you can give me some advise. Thanks again!

  27. jai Says:


    There is a small tweak in the style.css file in the layers theme folder. On line #210 of style.css comment off or delete “clear:both”.

    This should solve your problem. Thanks for the feedback.

  28. Michael Says:

    Thanks Jai! I actually had to change it to clear:left to work, otherwise it showed up on the right side of the comment box. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

  29. Terrapin Says:

    Very slick and classy-looking theme, great job!

    Is there any way to add a small graphic to the right side of the header?

  30. jai Says:


    Yup, there are ways, but for that you have to hack the CSS of the theme. I’ll be adding those customization to the admin panel later on, right now I have loads of work to do. So not finding time for that.

    Anyways, thanks for the compliments.

  31. Michelle Says:

    Hi Jai,

    Thanks for the great theme. Works great for the updated look we were searching for our club.

    Our colours are black, white and gold. I was wondering how I would incorporate the gold (in place of the orange). I read through other comments and have located the CSS file, but it appears the colours are numbers in this code. Any ideas what gold would be?

    Thanks for any assistance you may be able to give.


  32. Bob Carney Says:

    I love the clean look and the style of this theme. I have run into problems with the NextGEN plugin not working. Is there something that can be hacked to make this work? Right now instead of allowing lightbox to open it opens each picture by itself. I have had to use alternate software to showcase photos.

  33. Sonal Says:

    Well jai, I found you using twitter and I glad you made this beautiful wordpress theme :)
    Keep it up.

  34. Bruce Simmons Says:

    What an awesome, and simplistic theme that delivers. Thank you so much.

    I’m a bit of a klod and was wondering if I wanted to increase the size of the fonts in posts (for old eyes to see better) where / what needs to be addressed?

    Thank you.

  35. Jayne d'Arcy Says:

    Hi! This is a gorgeous theme and I hope to be using it for a long time. I have the dark on my site, and the bright on my brother’s site: On my brother’s site I’d really like to put his MOG banner in the header on the right. Is that possible?

  36. Chuck Stanley Says:

    Will you be updating this theme with any customized settings, or with compatibility for WordPress 2.8?
    Thank you for a great looking theme.

  37. Jerry Says:

    Lovely theme. I want to narrow the overall width so that there is a nice 1 inch border on either side of the template, vertically. How can I do that? Also, my tag line is starting on the sale line as my blog title. How do I keep the two lines of data seperate?

  38. Vibhuti Says:


  39. Val Kinjerslo Says:

    Hi Jai,

    Thanks for offering your theme. I love it. I have used a customized header (to go with the theme of my book) but then lost the navigation bar. Help. I also want to center my title on the header but when I do, everything on the page gets centered. Thanks so much.

  40. kc wildmoon Says:

    love the theme … but having trouble with font sizes in any browser viewed from XP … everything looks fine on all browsers (except opera, which has the same font size problems — too big — as the XP browsers. any ideas?

  41. Rodolfo Passos Says:

    Hi Jai.
    Some people have been some problems when they try let comments in my blog using the Mozilla Firefox. The Submit button doesnt appear to finhish the comment. How can I make to fix this bug?
    Since now, thanks a lot and sorry by my poor english!!!

  42. jai Says:


    In style.css file, under ‘style declarations for submit block’ change

    #submitButton{clear:both;margin:10px auto;}


    #submitButton{clear:left;margin:10px auto;}

    That should solve your problem. Though, it better needs a theme update, but I am finding myself lazy here. :-)

  43. Rodolfo Passos Says:

    Thanks a lot Jai…
    The problem was solved….

  44. Bremm Says:

    Same problem as Michael and Rodolfo here, but the fun thing: it doesn’t happen with IE6, only Gecko browsers (Chromium, Firefox etc.).

    Many thanks for the comments!

  45. Garry Says:

    Came across your beautiful theme and love it!! I added an additional page and would like to eliminate the side bar on the “about” page and the added page. I of course would like to keep it on the blog page. Maybe obvious by now that I am very new to this and don’t know the poetry of html and all. Is there an easy walk through that will tell me how to remove the side bar and it’s categories and the footer categories on two of the underneath pages?? Thanks – it is a beautiful work of art

  46. jai Says:

    @Garry Yes it is possible. You can do this using page specific template. Pointer to read more :

    Also, delete the sidebar and footer includes on the page specific templates to do what do you want.

    @To all who want to edit their header image

    The theme doesn’t support editing the page header through theme options. Though, you are free to hack into CSS and get a header image of your liking. For a reference, headerBackground.png is defined as the background for header and menu which repeats itself on x-axis. Defining a different background for heading portion and menu is a possible solution.

  47. Pop Says:

    Hi Jai,

    Love the Layers Theme, I tried out literally dozens and dozens before choosing yours as the source for my page and it’s perfect. However, one peculiarity has popped up after the most recent WordPress upgrade (2.8.4 I believe) and that is that there’s now these large gaps of un-collapsed space between my posts that I can’t close up. I think the amount of space might be dependent upon the widgets in the sidebar or the ad space. Has anyone else brought this bug to your attention (if it is a bug?). Any way you could take a look and let me know what you think? Everything had been working terrifically, thx! [] Cheers, Pop

  48. Murmeluppa Says:

    Hi there Jay… I just started using your theme…and I’m new with WP.
    I got the impression that one should be able to make sub-pages under each page, but I seem to be unable to do so… I wrote a post, then published it as a sub-page under a main-page. But there is no sign of it on the frontpage ( I now made it a parental page instead, but I really would like to have it like drop-down menu or atleast visible as a new post under the main page…)
    AND I really suck at explaining…. but the menneske i meg-post should really be a sub-page to the ptsd-page…
    Have I misread your menu? Should I stop trying? This is driving me insane….
    Hoping you can help me out here, and really, THANK you for the great theme :)

  49. Fiyahrootz Says:

    Greetings Jai:

    Okay, I’ve used your beautiful theme on I’m so-so on css coding. I was able to produce what I did so far. Only problem. On the first page only the “submit” button does not show up for hte comments. Can you please either write the coding and where to insert it here or feel free to email me at

  50. Mihai Savu Says:

    Hi Jay,

    Thank you for your theme. I also use it on my personal blog, although I changed it pretty much. From the beginning I liked the blank/orange colours so I kept your theme and improved it a bit upon my taste.


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