abstract art generator using JavaScript

November 24th, 2008
by jai

While stumbling upon today, came to this site and then couldn’t resist myself to write about it. This features an online panel packed with some tools to draw. The movement of object chosen to draw gives a quite realistic feeling. Nobody can resist himself from experimenting after having a look there. So just try it…you are very close to become an abstract artist! Here is the source code of the JavaScript application.

While they don’t clearly state about the license of the application, the images you draw there are comletely yours and can be downloaded in either standard or high quality version.

Here is a screenshot of the Bomomo application.

Abstract Art using Bomomo

Abstract Art using Bomomo

Tags: art, bomomo, javascript

Tags: art, bomomo, javascript
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  1. criss as you know Says:

    Blocked by the websense

    Saying :
    The Websense category “Games” is filtered.

    horse sh.t.

  2. Aery Says:

    Bomomo is awesome.

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