The blending layers to be administered in style!

August 19th, 2008
by jai

The WordPress theme Layers version 1.1.0 is out

Layers theme screenshots

Layers theme screenshots

The brand new version of ‘Layers’ gets you an admin panel to quickly change its settings with a few clicks. You can also use alternate style sheet now. This version gives you the gift of the elegent bright skin along with the legacy dark shine. Again, a few clicks are enough to change this look.

You also don’t need to put any extra effort to check this site manually for updates. This is gracefully integrated into the admin panel of the theme, which checks for a new release once every seven days.

You can download the brand new version here.

Tags: layers, themes, wordpress

Tags: layers, themes, wordpress
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15 Responses to “The blending layers to be administered in style!”

  1. eric Says:

    I like your black & orange layers theme and want to use it. My question is, can I replace the header background.gif and auto text with my own custom header??

    If so, what are the dimensions and how is it done

  2. jai Says:

    Yes, definitely it can be done. But for now, it’s somewhat a manual process. You can find an image with the name headerBackground.png inside the images directory of Layers theme. Tweak it according to your needs. But remember, the navigation background is also a part of the mentioned header image, so you will have to be careful about not touching the navigation part of that.

    Now about changing the default text, It’s only the header.php file which has to be changed. You will have to learn about template tags in WordPress for a good understanding and tweaking of that file.

  3. David Says:

    You fixed the area around the photos that was having a problem with the shadow image plugin. And now the photos look great!! Thanks very much. This is an awesome theme.

  4. butzi Says:

    I have implemented ‘Layers’ and I love the look of it…nice work. However, one problem; I want to embed iMix objects from iTunes, and it appears as though the formats are incompatible. Is there anything I can do make ‘Layers’ compatible with the iMix object??

  5. Ripose Says:

    I am currently trying to use your Layers theme, I think they both look great!
    I have a question though, why does your code produce so many errors?
    Below is your style.css, but there are errors on every page in your theme.

    Also using white text on a yellow background as your submit comment form does here,,Is Terrible!

  6. jai Says:


    I know that we all hate Internet Explorer for its non-standard work and its support for CSS and other open standards. But, still my website statistics show me that 25% of all the visitors are still using Internet Explorer. So we have to apply some CSS hacks for the consistency in the look. ( Check your site on for confirmation :)

    Those hacks are actually non standard, which you see in the validation test as errors. All the standard browsers just ignore them. So don’t worry about it.

  7. Ripose Says:

    Hello all!
    Just wanted to let you know that a lot of the errors I found were being caused by TinyMCE, not Jai’s layers theme. I upgraded to TinyMCE Advanced and most errors disappeared. However there are still a few anchor end tags (/a) in the wrong place. I’m still working on this.

    Have a great day all!

  8. Invisalign Teen Says:

    Just did it and my site looks great! Almost as shiny as the screen on an iphone! :) Would have seen the update but thanks for the plug!

  9. Abhay Aysh Says:

    dude i loved that theme
    its cool like the one i always wanted for my blog

  10. Philip Yeoh Says:

    This is an awesome theme. Coupled with the let it snow plug-in, I think it looks great. Many thanks.

  11. Udit Sharma Says:

    hey jai,
    You should include drop down menu in your upcoming theme release.

  12. Jacob Seelbach Says:

    Hey Jai. The theme looks great. Thanks so much for creating it. I’d like to be able to change the proportions of the columns, i.e. make the main block bigger and the side bar smaller. I’m having some trouble doing that and was wondering if you might be able to advise. Thanks!

  13. Gabriel Says:

    Hi…is possible to change the header with my own personal image? Anyway is a great and stylish theme…really good!!

  14. GotyaToolz Says:

    Yes it is possible i have been modifying Jai’s great theme for a few months now! I love this theme excellent job man. Im kinda new to this html crap i usually just code in C++ or vb but to answer your question Gabriel you will have to open up the Header.php in the editor Then where u find the line place your image file above that but cant be too large prob around 100 and align it right! hope that helps also u can place an immage in the side bar also!

  15. GotyaToolz Says:

    the line is located div– End headerTop
    Place your immage above this

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