‘Layers’ supports microformats now!

July 30th, 2008
by jai

With the version 1.0.6 of Layers theme, it supports microformats. Though WordPress itself comes with some microformat structure in the form of tags (rel-tag), XFN in terms of blogroll links. Still, there many of them are left which can be used to increase the semantics of your code following the principle, data should be readable for humans as well as machines.

If you didn’t know about microformats

A microformat (sometimes abbreviated as uF is a web-based approach to semantic markup that seeks to re-use existing XHTML and HTML tags to convey metadata and other attributes. This approach allows information intended for end-users (such as contact information, geographic coordinates, calendar events, and the like) to also be automatically processed by software.


In a bit more simpler meaning, if you have a software which can understand a web page written with microformat, it would be possible for the software to automatically recognize the informations like, contact information, geometric information, bookmarks etc.

If it is still not very clear, what will extra benefit will you get from it, just try operator firefox addon once with Layers theme. The theme uses hatom, hcard, XFN, rel-home, xFolk microformats.

The article by otto helped a lot for this update.

Tags: layers, microformats, semantics, theme

Tags: layers, microformats, semantics, theme
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3 Responses to “‘Layers’ supports microformats now!”

  1. Ron Longo Says:


    Hi. I really like the Layers theme…it really fits with my website. Unfortunately, I am not really a designer, so my question may be really ignorant. I want to add some buttons to the navigation bar (right now I just have “Blog” which is the default). I want to link my website with a navigation button. Is there a simple way to do this? Please advise.


  2. jai Says:


    Thanks for the appreciation. There may be two ways to achieve what you want.

    1. On the easier side, adding a page from wordpress admin panel will get you a new tab on the navigation bar with page name as the tab name.

    2. If you want the tab to connect to an external page, then you will have to dig little bit into the code. In the layers theme folder, open up header.php. You will see something like this there…

    <li><a href="<?php echo get_option('home'); ? rel="nofollow">/">Blog</a></li>
    < ?php wp_list_pages('title_li=&depth=1'); ?>

    Just before ending ul tag, add hyperlink to the external page.e.g.

    <li><a href=http://example.com" title="navigate to the external page" >Example</a></li>

  3. David Says:

    This is a very nice theme for my best photos. It works better than a standard photoblog. I like the way you can put all the distracting stuff below the photos. I don’t understand microformats but really don’t care too much about that. This theme is very good for photos.

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